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Removal of Birds in a Large Store or Warehouse

If you own a grocery store, a usual store or a ware house that houses food products/produce, you are very likely to have Virginia birds as frequent guests. This is because they hang around in an attempt to find themselves a good source of food and along with it a homey nesting place. So you are likely to find a nest in the duct work of your store.

The worst thing about this is that, even if you happen to be a big bird lover, they are still very unclean and pose a health hazard and this is something that the health department stares down upon and could quite easily get you shut down till you can rid of the Fairfax birds, their nesting and all waste that comes along with them.

Methods to get rid of them
Birds will easily find their way into your store but for them to just get out when you need them to, is just a hilarious idea that you should laugh off and actually get a real solution. Chasing them about will only haveyou running about like a toddler on a sugar high.

Bird nets
This will trap the birds for you and you can then whilst them out without causing any commotion. Naturally there is a catch to this. You will need to find an expert that will install the right nets, the right way or you are only going to spend cash with no ‘bird in hand’ to show for it. And you will need to keep watching the nets if any Fairfax bird has been trapped for you to take them out or the poor thing will wind up dead and you on the receiving end of some hefty penalties.

Using a pellet gun
Well this would be one way to go. But you are likely to do some damage to your own store and even if you got it, it just might not be worth it. Or maybe you’re feeling lucky. If there are other possible entries for the Virginia birds except for doors which you might need to keep open, then seal them off. If you really don’t think that they are getting in through the door, then you have a hole in your store that you will need to seal off.

Expert advice and help
As always the best and most sustaining solution is to get an expert in the matter. There are Fairfax specialists for exactly this kind of thing.

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