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Fairfax County Squirrel Control & Removal

About Squirrels: The Eastern Gray Squirrel loves to live inside the attics of Virginia homes. Squirrels have two litters of young per year, in late summer and late winter, so people often notice the scurrying of young squirrels in the attic in September or March. Squirrels are rodents, who love to chew on the woodwork of your home, and the electrical wiring inside your attic. We are experts at trapping and removal, plus total "squirrel-proofing" of your house.

Squirrels are a common nuisance animal in northeast Virginia. In Fairfax County and Arlington County, squirrel have become a particularly common problem, as they have invaded many homes in the area.

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We cover a wide service range and remove wildlife in all of Fairfax County, VA and the Washington DC metropolitan area, including all of Arlington County and the city of Alexandria, and the towns of Annandale, Bailey's Crossroads, Belle Haven, Burke, Centreville, Chantilly, Dunn Loring, Fort Belvoir, Fort Hunt, Franconia, Great Falls, Groveton, Huntington, Hybla Valley, Idylwood, Jefferson, Lake Barcroft, Lincolnia, Lorton, Mantua, McLean, Merrifield, Mount Vernon, Newington, North Springfield, Oakton, Pimmit Hills, Reston, Rose Hill, Seven Corners, Springfield, Tysons Corner, West Springfield, Wolf Trap, and more. We also service areas outside of Fairfax, such as Sterling in Loudon County, and Manassas in Prince William County.

If in doubt about our service range or any of the types of services we offer, just give us a call, and we will let you know if we service your area and/or your wildlife problem.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Fairfax County Squirrel Control Emails:

Hi. I love squirrels and have spent several years studying and learning about them wherever I can. How a person feels about them says a lot about the person. With all those who hate what they do not understand and have no hesitation to kill these amazing creatures, it is good to find your site by someone who obviously cares and appreciates squirrels.

Not sure where you are located, but I am in Long Island New York. Recently I happened upon a rather large garden center, and in speaking with the owner about plants squirrels might love, he mentioned that they were digging into his flowers and eating his stuff and he got a permit to kill them all, and that is what he did! I am just wondering what other alternatives he might have had and if that was the best option to deal with the situation… why could they not be relocated some great distance away? Thanks in advance David for taking time to respond and for caring. Gary

I believe that we have squirrels that have made their home in our soffits! We have a terrible odor...like bad fruit or something in a breezeway on the 2nd floor of our home that just shows up here and there. I am at my whit's end, and I don't know for sure, but it has to be squirrels hoarding nuts, fruits, etc....in our roof. Help!!1

Hi. I wish you lived in VA to help me...I've called so many humane sited, and can't seem to find one that can catch this animal in my attic. They don't even come! I bought a trap like the one you have in the pictures & the animal takes the food and the trap doesn't close! Last night I heard it gnawing...went up and 1/2 the trap was closed. It actually ate thru my attic fan, which had to be replaced, cause it was plastic, the guy put in a metal one, not realizing the animal was stuck in my attic! I don't see any more holes anywhere. I found 1 acorn, and since it ate the cracker that was embedded in the peanut butter, he is a smart animal. I'm guessing, but I think by the noise and acorn it's a squirrel! Any ideas? I tried a walnut in peanut butter, it took the walnut too! Tx Deb